Project type:
UHD Fusion (3D + Node Hybrid)
Acquisition mode:
Marine Streamer and Nodes
Deep Offshore
800 km²

World's first Ultra High Density (UHD) multi-client 3D hybrid seismic acquisition in Quadrant 35 in the North Sea.

The Quad 35 Hybrid MC3D project is 800 km2 and covers a mature area of the North Sea that includes the fields Nova and Vega (under development), Aurora and Grosbeak. New high-resolution data will improve the imaging of upper Jurassic sands and the complex faults for which this area is known. The data will be ideal for oil companies looking for additional resources close to existing infrastructure.

Click here for press release: Seismic Acquisition Reinvented - Quad 35 Hybrid MC3D


Quad 35 North Sea Map