In partnership for marine seismic acquisition.

BGP Marine is a global provider of marine acquisition and has developed over years as a leader in the industry. BGP Marine possess marine seismic experience, having provided services for international oil companies while its footprints have spanned over 51 countries. Its seismic fleet has accumulated rich experiences in complex and challenging environments, such as heavy fishing activities, shallow water, rough sea state, congested oil-field and risk involved security areas. Its multi-national crews are experienced and capable of handling all challenges professionally. BGP Marine possess excellent HSSE performance and get high satisfaction appraisal gained from clients. It has also attained very satisfactory acceptance results and has passed the HSSE audit of BP, Shell, Statoil, ENI, Total, Saudi Aramco, TGS, PTTEP, POGC, ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil, BG, etc.

Through our association with DownUnder GeoSolutions (DUG) we have the capability to offer land and marine 2D and 3D processing and imaging solutions to suit any geological setting in both time and depth. Independent QC is performed on all projects by experienced consultants.

DUG offers a complete range of services including petrophysics, rock physics and quantitative interpretation through to seismic processing and imaging. The London office has an experienced technical team who have now successfully completed many projects for Geoex, all in a timely manner. DUG's key offerings include:

Signal Processing

  • Deghosting and broadband processing
  • Advanced noise removal algorithms (both pre and post migration)
  • 5D interpolation / regularisation
  • 3D SRME / IME / shallow water demultiple

Advanced Imaging Algorithms

  • Advanced toolkit for time and depth velocity model building
  • Kirchhoff pre-stack time migration (isotropic or anisotropic VTI)
  • Kirchhoff pre-stack depth migration (isotropic or anisotropic VTI, TTI, or tilted orthorhombic)
  • Beam migration
  • Reverse time migration (isotropic or anisotropic VTI, TTI)
  • Full waveform inversion (isotropic or anisotropic VTI, TTI)

Working in partnership with Subsurface Resource Consulting (SRC), Geoex has access to a highly experienced team of geologists and geophysicists, who have worked in almost every petroleum province. The SRC team has cooperated with Geoex to help plan and promote a number of Geoex’s multi-client seismic projects. SRC’s role has been to provide insights into the regional geology and prospectivity of the various areas in which Geoex has acquired multi-client 2D and 3D seismic surveys. Moreover, SRC assist Geoex in the promotion of the multi-client data and provision of data rooms for interested companies.

SRC’s geological team is supported by a network of associates providing specialised support in areas such as basin modelling, sedimentology and biostratigraphy. Their geophysics team routinely undertakes integrated 2D and 3D seismic interpretation projects. Additionally, SRC offer expertise in rock physics (specialising in the use of attributes to provide quantitative interpretation) and the capability to provide processing QC of seismic data.

Associated company: GPX Surveys

Modern carefully planned and acquired high resolution aeromagnetic surveys are used by geoscientists in many situations and provide an excellent tool for mapping geological structure in a wide range of tectonic settings including new and mature basins in both onshore and offshore environments.

Partner: Hampton Data Services

Adopting a holistic approach to E&P data integration which includes both experience and knowledge of data management as well as its use in integrated field studies. The digital well log data processing includes data validation, editing, digitisation and compositing.

Well Log Data Digitising:

  • Well log curve digitising and QC - provided in an agreed format
  • Capture of text extracts from hard copy data - for example handwritten tops, lithology descriptions, deviation, pressure table etc.
  • Well header data capture in a predefined format
  • Preservation of metadata associated with digitising (sources of information)

In association with Mildwaters Consulting LLP, a multi-disciplinary consultancy with an exclusive focus on the international natural resources sector.

Mildwaters Consulting LLP provides negotiation and legal support to governments, multinationals, and publicly listed and private companies in the oil and gas, and mining sectors all over the world. This support is in relation to

  • authorisation regimes (production sharing contracts, concessions, licences),
  • regulatory matters,
  • mergers and acquisitions,
  • joint ventures and joint operating agreements,
  • capital raisings and
  • day to day operational matters.

With over 40 years of experience in the oil and gas and mining sectors Mildwaters Consulting LLP has an in-depth and practical understanding of the challenges and opportunities faced by both governments and companies in identifying, developing and producing from natural resources projects. As part of providing support to clients when facing these challenges and realising these opportunities Mildwaters Consulting LLP seeks to leverage its extensive industry, jurisdiction specific relationships and expertise to assist its clients so that they can achieve their goals.